Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B is for Begin

Begin... Yep, when it comes to writing a good way to get going is just to start. There are so many beginnings in writing that it's something we have to face on a constant basis. Here are some of them.

Begin a Novel

Yeah, an obvious one. Every novel, novella, novelette, short story and such has to begin somewhere. It has to start in order to get to do anything else. And a start of a novel is a challenge at times. Trying to get the best sentence that sounds awesome and grabs the readers attention. Yeah, I know first drafts are allowed to suck and not to focus on finding the perfect line. That doesn't stop me from wanting to find the best first sentence that I can at the time. Creating the sentence is a challenge.

Begin a Chapter

Yep, every single chapter of a novelette or anything longer has to begin in order to exist. When sitting down to get writing, if I hadn't stopped random in the middle of a chapter, which I do at times, then I have to begin at the start of a chapter. Another challenge at times. Chapters also need to draw the reader in at once with the first paragraph, to continue from the chapter before and then move things along further in the plot. Not quite the pressure of the novel beginning but still the chapter beginning is important.

Begin a Sentence

That's right. Even the sentence has to begin. In order to write things have to start with well something. Wow that is rather generic isn't it. But the good part is not every sentence has to be the intense pressure of the novel start or even quite as much as the chapter start. Sure, it needs to keep things going and have a reason for its existence in the story.

And after the beginning there is the rest. But I can get to that some other time.

Do you struggle with beginnings?
Anyone delete first paragraphs or chapters in edits?


Allyson Lindt said...

beginnings paralyze me. It takes me more rewrites of beginnings than anything else to be okay with them. I am in awe over people who don't struggle with beginnings ^_^


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Fran Clark said...

I struggle with beginnings. I think I've got something great to start with but end up editing it like crazy. But usually I end up with something I like!

mooderino said...

I'm forever changing those first few lines. When will I get it right? How will I know?


Megan said...

I do struggle with beginnings. I am trying to write a novel right now, actually. I have the middle and the end finished! Not the beginning. Nice to know I am not alone :)


Susan Kane said...

Beginnings are always filled with enthusiasm, for me. Its the down-the-road-a- bit that freezes me.

Anonymous said...

I don't struggle with beginnings, it's the taking the time to finish that I need to attend to....

Robin said...

It's the ending that always gave me the grief. The perfect freaking ending. That is always the thing that hung me out to dry. I actually liked beginning (or used to) until I had enough bad endings...

Dawn Embers said...

Allyson Lindt - I have a hard time getting going too. Good times, this writing thing.

Fran Clark - Ah yes, the editing stage is another part of the challenge. Good thing you get something you like in the end.

mooderino - That is a good question. It's hard to tell when to stop but there has to be a stop too at some point.

Megan - Good luck with your novel beginning. Hope you figure it out.

Susan Kane - Ah the different journeys of the writer. There is that pesky middle part, might be the M topic.

danneromero - Time to finish, yes another fun aspect of writing. I have done far more beginnings than endings for sure. Need to work on that.

Robin - Ah yes, the ending is a different struggle. I should write that ending from nanowrimo 2012. Good thing to work on, along with beginnings.

Kate said...

I struggle with sitting down and getting started for the day, which is a kind of beginning too, isn't it? Once I get started it's so much easier. Too bad each day calls for a new beginning.

Fairview said...

I always start the story too early. My CPs invariably tell me to cut the first two paragraphs!

Dawn Embers said...

Kate - True, every time we go to write in order to do it we have to "begin."

Fairview - That is common from some of the advice I hear on writing with beginnings. Some have to cut out the first paragraphs on every chapter. I have done early at times with stories, but not every time.