Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for Villain

The villain can be an important character in a story, at leas when there is an actual character. This can also be called the antagonist but we aren't on day A so today I'm just going to use the term villain.

Antagonist is basically a character whose goals goes against that of the protagonist. They may have a direct link to the main character in some ways, but they may not. Villains are similar. They go against the protagonist and are often considered wicked because of what they want and their reasoning for it. However, sometimes what makes the main character a protagonist is that they make the decision to go up against the villain despite the odds that are against them. While we love a good protagonist, there are times when the villain makes the story.

Where would the little mermaid be without Ursula to give her that wish to walk on land?

Would the Emperor ever change in the Emperor's New Groove if he hadn't been made a llama? Probably not, he'd be a villain if the story was written with only a few changes.

Snow White wouldn't have to fear apples or never would know about dwarves without the stepmother to push things along.

So, what about your story? Does your villain play a key role to pushing the protagonist? Is your villain/antagonist empathetic to a degree or just because someone needs to be the bad guy?


mooderino said...

A good villain is the making of most stories.

Moody Writing

Dawn Embers said...

mooderino - True. A villain can make or break a story.