Friday, April 5, 2013

E is for Ezine

Today I am happy to showcase a special Ezine that started not that long ago. It is one that started from a special project and has just exploded from potential into this amazing free work for people to send writing to in hopes of publication.

Shadows Express

About the site from the home page: a magazine presenting new voices to discerning readers. In a demanding, fast-paced world, we need time to relax and feed our minds. Finding quality short stories, poetry, and articles that can be read in one sitting and shared with family members is becoming increasingly difficult.

At Shadows Express, we strive to bring that quality to the reader: fiction both engaging and entertaining; poetry that speaks to the heart; and helpful, inspiring non-fiction. This is writing you will be eager to share with your spouse, parents, children, and friends. All of these are designed to be read at your leisure, without tying up too much of your time.

Main Page:

What does Shadows Express publish?

Fiction (up to 2500 words)
Non-fiction (up to 2500 words)
Poetry (up to 40 lines)

However, they will also consider other works that are 2500 to 5000 words. Longer works, novel excerpts, graphics and columns require queries first.

Reading Periods (when they are open for submission)
December 22nd - February 15th
March 22nd - May 15th

June 22nd - August 15th
September 22nd - November 15th

What do they look for?

"Our mission is to bring emerging writers into the light. In order to do that, we look for quality fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. We hope this publication will be a springboard for the authors into the published world.

We aim for family-friendly content. These are stories and poems you will want to share and discuss. For this reason, we do not accept items with gratuitous sex, violence, or gore. We understand that within the scope of a story, it may be necessary to use some swearing to indicate character or the situation. This, however, must be kept to a minimum. The acceptability of this usage will be determined on a case-by-case basis."
- Shadow Express Guidelines Page

For more detail check out this page:

They have also added a new weekly section this month called Contemplations. Make sure to check that page out too.

I hope to submit to this Ezine some day too, once I can find something that is family friendly, but I recommend it to anyone who has short work they want to submit. While it is currently a free zine, and unable to pay for submissions, it is a great stepping stone for many.

Do you submit to Ezines?
Do you read Ezines?


Kate said...

Interesting! I never think to read ezines, but if a good one was referred to me, I'd probably check it out. I always like to have other people vet the quality for me. When there's so much great stuff to read out there I don't want to waste one minute searching for it :)

Sarah Allen said...

I don't think of reading or submitting to Ezines either...that should probably change! Great post.

Sarah Allen
(From Sarah With Joy)

Susan Kane said...

I have never heard of this e-zine. I will check it out and consider it as a way of taking a mini-plunge! Thanks.

Dawn Embers said...

Kate - I don't read many e-zines either but I know a few writers who do.

Sarah Allen - Thanks. :-)

Susan Kane - It's not well known but still on the newer side. Good luck if you submit.

Robin said...

Good information, Dawn.