Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Keep

Keep Up and Keep Writing

I have to admit that I've had a hard time this year keeping up with the blog challenge. I have done a couple posts mid day because I just needed to go to bed as I do my posts the night before after work (as I work till 10:30 pm most days that I work). And I'm even more behind on my commenting, though I promise to get caught up.

This week was a busy week. I ended up working 40 hours, only 1 day off, and a total of 8 days in a row. That and for some reason I've both been very sleepy and had a hard time falling asleep at night. Makes me less productive as I have a lot to do online along with  the normal day to day stuff. Makes it hard to keep up, but then that means I can play catch up on my days off. Luckily I have 3 days off next week and should be able to get to commenting on the ones below mine on the list, friends, and the ones who have comment on my posts so far.

So yeah, today is a Keep Up kind of day.  But another good Keep topic is Keep Writing. I haven't followed that mentality lately, editing cut down my writing after NaNoWriMo. Back in November I had a writing friend create an image for me with a character  from Finding Nemo that I used all month long to encourage others when I was posting in forums. It's fun image and one I need to consider again as I have a novella to write soon. Aside from catching up, doing a chapter edit, and working, I am going to get and keep writing.

Are you keeping up with the A to Z challenge?
Will you keep writing?


Allyson Lindt said...

I'm not keeping up with anything ^_^ But I did to a little catching up yesterday, and today is definitely my day to catch up on commenting on posts.
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Megan said...

I am keeping up, although it's a juggling act with work. I have written most of my posts ahead and work on edits in the evenings. Commenting usually happes on my lunch break :)

Robin said...

The A to Z IS challenging. I wish I had more posts written. I am done through "N," but after that... I am hoping to get some writing in on Sunday. If I don't, the rest of this Challenge could get painful... So, I totally hear ya!

Dawn Embers said...

Allyson - Glad it's not just me. ;-)

Megan - Good job. Seems you have a system down. You'd think after 2 other times doing this I'd be better at staying caught up, lol.

Robin - It is a challenge. I do my posts the night before instead of doing days in advance. I keep saying I will write posts ahead of time but never quite do it.