Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I is for Idea

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I have an idea!

I say this a lot though. I have lots of ideas for stories.I get them on a regular basis from dreams, inspired by others writing/art/etc, thoughts to get rid of the boredom at work, music and just at random while driving. I have enough ideas that I may never have enough time to get to them all and yet more keep coming.

The idea is a great thing to find. However, it's not the end all be all. It's a starting point but without any form of execution then it's nothing more than an idea that gets left behind. (Read the post on the image link cause it has some interesting points about ideas and the abandonment of ideas.)

Sure, having an idea is great. It's exciting, the nice little shiny thing that appeared. But you can only do so much with one little shiny speck as it won't go anywhere without development and effort. An idea is just an idea. Which is why an idea can't be copyrighted or anything like that. It's also possible for more than one person to have a similar or even same thought or idea. It's going to happen and we have to accept that fact.

So get that fun shiny idea, then take it somewhere.

Do you have an idea?
What will you do with it?


Kate said...

I love that flash of an idea. I'm always saying "So what if...". It's thrilling to start filling in the blanks, but it's true, that most of the time that little spark of an idea ends up fizzling out into nothing.

numerounity said...

I for Idea makes a G for Good in L for life...Loved your post!

Mama J said...

I have lots of ideas. It's getting them down on paper where the problems begin!

mooderino said...

Occasionally I have a fully formed idea pop into my head. Shame that doesn't happen more often.

Moody Writing

Robin said...

An idea isn't anything until you do something with it. And that is the truth. Excellent reminder...

Susan Kane said...

Some ideas never leave my head. Others percolate and actually are made into something tangible. Depends on the day, I guess.

Dawn Embers said...

Kate - The flash of the idea is great. What if can create a day of fun in ones mind.

Numerounity - Thanks. Good point. ;-)

Mama J - I'm that way too. So many ideas, so little time to write them all.

mooderino - ooo the fully formed ones are nice.

Robin - Thanks. Glad to have helped. :-)

Susan Kane - True, some are more lasting than others.

Kate Larkindale said...

I have way more ideas than I have time for... I wish sometimes I could send them mentally to someone who was struggling to find one!

Kate Larkindale said...

I have way more ideas than I have time for... I wish sometimes I could send them mentally to someone who was struggling to find one!

Dani said...

Ideas of ideas of ideas. Subplots upon subplots, etc. I have to write it all down. If not then I'll find myself wound up in my own spiderweb of ideas. Great post.
Dani @ Entertaining Interests

Julie Flanders said...

It's such a great feeling to get that idea you can run with!

I'm stopping by from the A-Z, it's so nice to meet you. :)

Dawn Embers said...

Kate Larkindale - Exactly. I wish I could lend my idea muse to someone who lacks ideas for a while so I can get some quiet to work.

Dani - Thanks. :-) Glad you liked it.

Julie Flanders - It is a good feeling, just need to stop getting tripped by other ideas while trying to run.