Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for Write

I need to write.
What about you?


Crystal Collier said...

YUP. :D Writing keeps me from shriveling under the monotony of day to day rigor. Plus, my brain might literally explode from all the stories bouncing around in there.

I'm a first time visitor--getting around to several new blogs through this wonderful hop, and I love your look/feel.

J Keith said...

Yes! I would go insane if I didn't write

Dawn Embers said...

Crystal Collier - Thank you and welcome to the blog. :-) Writing does help keep me sane too, or well less insane than I would be otherwise, I'm still not quite sane.

J Keith - Me too.

Theresa Jewel Pinkston said...

I understand completely. Not long ago, I had someone ask me why I write. The first answer I thought of was "Why not?" but that seemed a little insensitive. Instead I told her that it was the best way for me to create something with my over-active imagination.