Saturday, April 27, 2013

X is for X Rated

X rated as in those naughty stories, that is right. But more in the difference in writing erotica versus other genres when people ask about your writing. Because that is one awkward conversation in many work settings.

I write a lot of different stories. I range from young adult and middle grade, to fantasy, science fiction, mystery, horror attempts and yes, romance erotica. I started writing erotica flash fiction and short stories back in 2008 just to see if I could and my first finished novel draft was a 50,000 word NaNoWriMo romance erotica. Two of the 4 finished first drafts are romance erotica and one novel that has a very dedicated fan I haven't finished yet is also of that genre. But it does lead to some uncomfortable moments when admitting to writing an X rated story.

One example: my dad. *waves hi if he reads the blogs*
Yeah, so I finished my NaNoWriMo first draft and who wanted to read it? My dad. I am lucky to have very encouraging parents when it comes to my novel writing but when family wants to read the erotica, that is when it gets a little weird. I guess I should also clarify that I don't just write erotica, I write gay male erotica. He never read the novel and I'm okay with that fact. Though I never hide what kinds of stories I write.

At work now, I have some coworkers who are curious about my writing. Some have even mentioned how I could bring some of it in to work to share. I don't own a printer so that won't happen. However, it did get a little awkward when in public (I'm a cashier and work in a few different departments) I had to explain to coworkers what I write. And next thing I get is "so like Shades of Grey?"... Umm no. Not like it at all.

Though it's a minor nuisance how that is the standard for that genre. I mean, if I say I write magic stories for teens then I would get a Harry Potter question. Or just saying young adult may get a Twilight comment (which I'd be quick to say no to that one cause I don't write any vampire stuff sparkly or not). Fantasy has many authors to be compared to like Jordan, Salvatore, Martin, Weiss, Tolkien, etc. In fact many genres have some really great authors to compare to, even young adult has amazing authors like Tamora Pierce and such. I wouldn't mind comparisons to some of them, but I need to get those novels finished and edited for that. But say I write erotica and it's Shades of Grey. But I digress.

Do you ever write anything X rated?
How do you handle telling others about it and the comparisons?


Susan Kane said...

About 33 years ago, I wrote my first book ever, a romance novel, heavy on sex. I still have it, in a folder well-hidden from my adult kids. Including the one born 32 years ago.

Dawn Embers said...

Susan Kane - lol. Glad I'm not the only one.